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Armadillo Photos and More

This page contains a few of the armadillo pictures available on this website. For more images, please see the Armadillo Species page, where you will find detailed information about each of the twenty different types of armadillo. Most descriptions include one or more pictures.

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Nine-banded or Long-nosed Armadillos
Southern long-nosed armadillo Nine-banded armadillo Seven-banded armadillo Hairy long-nosed armadillo
Genus Dasypus: Six species.
Pictures or drawings available for four species (D. hybridus, D. novemcinctus, D. septemcinctus and D. pilosus).
Giant Armadillo
Giant armadillo
Genus Priodontes: One species.
Pictures available for P. maximus.
Hairy Armadillos
Little hairy armadillo Hairy armadillo
Genus Chaetophractus: Three species.
Pictures available for two species (C. vellerosus and C. villosus).
Six-banded Armadillo
Six-banded armadillo
Genus Euphractus: One species.
Pictures available for E. sexcinctus.
Pink Fairy Armadillo
Pink fairy armadillo
Genus Chlamyphorus: One species.
Pictures available for C. truncatus.
Greater Fairy Armadillo
Greater fairy armadillo
Genus Calyptophractus: One species.
Drawing available for C. retusus.
Three-banded Armadillos
Southern three-banded armadillo Brazilian three-banded armadillo
Genus Tolypeutes: Two species.
Pictures available for T. matacus and T. tricinctus.
Naked-tailed Armadillos
Chacoan naked-tailed armadillo Greater naked-tailed armadillo Southern naked-tailed armadillo
Genus Cabassous: Four species.
Pictures available for three species (C. chacoensis, C. tatouay, and C. unicinctus).
Pichi or Dwarf Armadillo
Genus Zaedyus: One species.
Pictures available for Z. pichiyi.

Looking for more pictures? This page only contains a small sample of the images submitted to me by site visitors. The armadillo species pages contain additional images of many armadillos, including images of bones, brains, some videos, and links to images on other websites.

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I always appreciate armadillo photos submitted by my readers. I am especially interested in pictures of armadillos that are not currently featured on this website. For a list of these animals, see the Armadillos Wanted page. To submit an image, see the Contact page.

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