Assorted Armadillo Information

This page is your gateway to an assortment of armadillo information pages. Here you will find a list of topics that have to do with (or are related to) armadillos, but do not deal with the biology of specific armadillo species. The fastest way to navigate this information list is to use the menu at the top of each page. If you would like a short explanation of what each of the links contain, continue reading below.

Armadillo Care
Have a sick, injured, or abandoned armadillo? The Armadillo Care page might help.
Armadillo Expansion
The nine-banded armadillo has been increasing its range in North America for the past 150 years. The Armadillo Expansion page discusses the armadillo invasion in the United States. Check the map to see if your state could be colonized by the armadillo!
Armadillo Observation
Need help spotting an armadillo? The Armadillo Observation page will give you tips on where (and when) to look.
Armadillo Problems
Armadillos love to dig — unfortunately their burrowing habits often cause conflicts with homeowners and farmers. The Armadillo Problems page might help you rid yourself of a problematic armadillo.
Armadillo Relatives
Armadillos are most closely related to sloths and anteaters. The Armadillo Relatives page is your source for quick information and links to pages featuring these other unique animals.
Fast Facts
If all you need is a list of simple facts about the nine-banded armadillo, then the Fast Facts page is your best bet.
Natural History
Armadillos and their relatives have been around for a long time! The Natural History page will help you learn more about the ancestors of the armadillo.
Armadillos are not just fascinating animals — they are also the subject of scientific research. The Research page will help you learn more about why these animals are worth studying.
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