Extras and Miscellaneous

This page is a link to additional armadillo pages that do not fit well in other categories on this website. The fastest way to navigate this information list is to use the menu at the top of each page. If you would like a short explanation of what each of the links contain, continue reading below.

Armadillo Items
Some people collect things featuring armadillos. The Armadillo Items page also tells you about things made from armadillos.
Armadillos as Food
Expand your culinary horizon! The Armadillos as Food page discusses the edible side of the armadillo. (Hint: it’s not the shell!)
Armadillos as Pets
Armadillos in the home? The Armadillos as Pets page explains why it may not be such a good idea.
This is not the only armadillo site on the web. The Links page lists a few of the other ones.
Josh’s Armadillo Hunt!
The Armadillo Hunt page clearly demonstrates why I leave armadillo photography to the pros.
Sources and Credits
I didn’t make this website all on my own. The Sources and Credits page explains where the information and images came from.
About the Author
What kind of person would devote a website to the armadillo? The About the Author page will tell you a little about me.
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