Donations welcome

Thank you for 17 years of armadillos!

For the first 17 years of the existence of this site, it was hosted via my student account at MIchigan State University. In summer of 2012, MSU revised their web policy for alumni. As a result, I was informed that the site would be deactivated. I was sorry to see it go, so for the first time in 17 years I asked the community for donations to keep the site alive. I was hoping to find alternate hosting, but with a small child in day care it was't easy to justify the expense.

However, thanks to a few very generous individuals, I received enough donations to cover the first year of hosting at the current address. A big THANK YOU to all who have donated so far!

For those of you who find the site useful, if for any reason you would also like to donate towards keeping this site alive, any amount would be appreciated. Any donations made here will be used only towards site hosting expenses.

As stated above, I kept this site going for 17 years on my own. Prior to 2012, I had never before asked for donations for this site. I have never been paid a dime for keeping it up (and keeping it updated). If you'd care to help, I thank you for doing so. If you can't help, I understand. Either way, I am quite happy to continue providing armadillo information for as long as I am able!

All donations are now handled through Square Cash. Clicking the Donate button will take you to my page.

Thank you for 17 years (and counting!) of feedback, photos, and email!

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