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This page is here both to acknowledge the efforts of my contributors as well as to provide a more thorough listing of my sources of information. Most of the photographs on the site have photo credit and copyright information along with the picture, but there may be a few that I missed. Information on pages where I have drawn explicitly from one or several sources have bibliographic information at the bottom of the page, but many facts or tidbits came from sources I haven’t listed anywhere. Hopefully this page can reconcile some of the ones I may have missed.


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Photo credits

Photos and videos provided by readers of this website are credited on the image or in the video caption. Thanks to all of the visitors who were willing to contribute their own photos to help improve this website.

Additional photos and materials made possible by the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, the University of Michigan Animal Diversity Web, the University of Wisconsin and Michigan State University Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections, the University of Kansas Natural History Museum, the Illinois State Museum and Wikipedia.

All other photographs, logos, and additional uncredited graphics created by the author.

Special thanks

Many thanks to Mariella Superina for her invaluable expertise, numerous contributions and willingness to correct my mistakes. Thanks to Robert Runyard for additional comments and corrections. Last but not least, thanks to the many visitors to my site who took the time to email the author to express their appreciation or suggest improvements. Armadillo Online would not have been possible without the help of the people listed above.

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