Armadillos Wanted

Armadillo picture wish list

This website would not be possible without the many contributions made by my visitors. However, despite the number of people who have submitted photos to Armadillo Online, there are still several armadillo species for which images are either extremely limited or missing. The armadillo species listed below are those which would be most helpful in improving this website. If you happen to have a picture of one of the following — taken in the wild, in captivity, as a museum specimen, etc. — your help would be greatly appreciated. Although I cannot offer monetary compensation for photo submissions, I do not post images without crediting the photographer, and I do not redistribute images to other parties without express permission to do so. If you wish to contribute a photograph, please see the Contact page. Thank you!

Armadillo photos sought:
  • Andean hairy armadillo (Chaetophractus nationi): No current photo
  • Great long-nosed armadillo (Dasypus kappleri): No current photo
  • Greater fairy armadillo (Calyptophractus retusus): Drawing only
  • Hairy long-nosed armadillo (Dasypus pilosus): Drawing only
  • Llanos long-nosed armadillo (Dasypus sabanicola): No current photo
  • Northern naked-tailed armadillo (Cabassous centralis): No current photo
  • Pink fairy armadillo (Chlamyphorus truncatus): Low-resolution photo only
  • Seven-banded armadillo (Dasypus septemcinctus): Low-resolution photo only
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